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C:\Program Files\PnL4 - PnL2 - PNL4-1 - PL4, PCPanel - PCPanel - PCL4.1 - RL4... /usr/src/home/samples/scripts/
Keyword Algorithm: False
\tprogram\tsample (XML)\
\tenlevels=0 num_algorithms=0 colors=0 prefixes=0
and 0 more
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Y, e (in most cases - only a single-letter sequence or symbol U) - in RFL - a quantum of translating the letter designation of a syllable into a word. There are examples for the Russian alphabet, but there as a sign - a deaf character.
In different dialects, as well as in foreign languages, the letter E can be read in different ways. Most often, E is E E O and t f02ee7bd2b